Scanner Problems and Solutions: How To Fix HP Scanner

Feb 5, 2020 | Printer Issues | 0 comments

Landed up a situation where for no apparent reason your scanner is not responding or computer is not detecting it or error-messages are exploding up? Fronting up such issues with little know-how using the HP scanner can make the conflict easier.

Let’s click upon issues one after the other and troubleshoot them away for the incessant functioning of the device.

Connection Problem – Electric Current Supply

Check the switch – turned on or off and for any failing working as well.

Reaffirm the power cable or USB port cable for loose connection and sure supply of power.

Windows Image Acquisition Error

WIA is a standard and main imaging application. Any error with it can disable graphics software communication with such hardware like scanner and printer.  

For the robust functioning of your HP Scanner and fixing any error with WIA:

On your keyboard, press the Window button + R the same time to invoke the Run box.

Type services.msc and click OK.

HP Scanner

The Service Widows Panel opens, now find WIA and view the Status and Startup type values. 

If they are found disabled then right-click WIA and choose Properties. Click the General tab and click ‘Start’ in the Service status. Click Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu.  

Try to scan.

HP scanner not working

Scanner Driver Not Updated

An un-updated scanner device can cause an unexpected force stop. Update your HP scanner device with some easy steps.

click the Start Menu and click Device Manager. 

device manager

Double click Imaging Devices; on spotting your HP Scanner right-click over it. Now from the opened up small menu choose Update Driver.

udpate driver
Updating the devices is important for the easy unblocked functioning of devices.

Hardware Problems – Troubleshoot

Fix any technical problem with HP Scanner through troubleshooting wizard on the window operating system.

Type Control Panel in the Search Box and choose it from the list. 

control panel

First click Troubleshooting and then Hardware & Sound. Select HP Scanner and following the screen instructions you can troubleshoot it.


Advanced troubleshooting for non-responding HP Scanner: 

To fix a situation when an HP Scanner is not responding for it is not installed properly. You can choose to uninstall and then reinstall it on your computer for the proper working.

If the firewall does not recognize the device it can stop it from performing well. In such a situation you have to enable the scanner through the firewall.

Replacing the USB Cable you can try to fix the non-responding scanner.

Running Scan now Utility you can fix corrupt files and restart the function of the device.

Check the HP Scanner setting and change it to normal if it is set extreme.

HP Scanner Doctor For Cure & Advice 

Download HP Scanner Doctor from the official HP Support website for diagnosing and fixing any occurring error halting the functioning.

Choose the solutions for any undesired situation you got landed up with using the device and brush away the worries.

Additional sources are also there aiding you to have a chat with HP Virtual Agent or optionally calling an expert technician from HP Support 24/7 customer support. 

Enjoy working with an Scanner for all the innovative dynamics and desired purposes it serves.