How to Troubleshoot Printer Stuck in Offline Status

Jan 24, 2020 | Printer Issues | 0 comments

Printing is usual task in daily scenario and when we face some issues related to non-completion of printing command given to the computer, there can be many reasons for the same. And most common reason is that the printer is offline, which means one has to turn on the printer and wait until it changes it’s status from offline to online. 

However changing the status from offline to online is not as easy as it seems. Different operating systems have their own respective solutions to deal with such issues. But if we talk about windows 10 & other operating system, there can be few solutions to these situations:-

How to Fix Printer Offline: Power Cycle Devices

The simplest way to overcome such issues is just turning off the computer and printer both before indulging into technical things. After that again turn on the printer and wait for the device to take it’s time to take position back in place in the network. Next thing you need to do is turn on the computer and check whether the printer is still offline. If the printer is still offline then check whether it is completely turned off and not in the power saving mode. If this does not work then another best thing you can do is just unplug the printer completely and wait for few seconds before plugging it again. 

Use Printer Software

Another possible solution is using the software provided with the printer to make it run. Such utilities help to find the devices on the network and thus printer can be found with the use of such utilities fixing the issues in making the printer online. Usually the devices have the support websites, you may refer these websites and may download the software utilities.

For instance, Canon printer displays the support websites on their booklets and you can simply type the model number of the printer and download the software to maintain and manage it. This is a general way and is almost common in all  the printer models.  

When you run the software, the status of printer being online will be seen and the devices will be seen as connected to the network showing additional information about the printer like the level of ink present, number of papers in the tray, and much more. 

Another way of confirming the presence of printer software in your system can be that you can simply go to Settings, then go to Devices and then select the icon Printers & Scanners. You can see in a row the number of printers connected to your system. For a software package, managing can be easy because it will display App available for this device. Then go to Printer, and then on Manage

printer and scanners

Set Printer Online

Things can be sorted online because sometimes there can be configuration errors which make the printer and the computer not connected but showing the printer’s status online. This can be checked by going to Control Panel, Devices and Printers therein and double clicking the option Printer. Click the Printer option displaying in the menu bar and then uncheck Use Printer offline and Pause Printing Check boxes.

use printer offline

Check Printer Port

If all of the above ways do not work, then the problem can be at the port configuration of the printer. Printers having IP address are more vulnerable to this situation. When there is a change in the IP address of the printer and it is not seen in the port configuration i.e. if the port configuration is displaying the old IP address, then the problem can be sensed here.So to ensure this configuration, you are required to know the IP address of the printer by printing the configuration page of the printer. 

When things above are done, then you need to go to Control Panel, select Devices and Printers, and then right clicking the printer you wish to troubleshoot. For this ensure that you have clicked the Printer Properties option, not the Properties option located at the bottom. Then go to Ports tab and scroll down to the port which is checked. Select it and then select the Configure Port. A dialogue box will appear showing the IP address of the printer. 

printer server properties

If you see the different IP address of the printer from the one so listed then it makes sense that this can be another reason in making the problem.  You can simply update the IP address and things will be sorted. If you still face some issues in running the printer, then contact our tech support team for advanced troubleshooting.

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