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123 HP Printer Setup

The initial setup of the printer is not so complicated at the user end. It requires general steps, first you are required to complete the hp Printer driver installation and configuration setup.

HP Driver Download

Download the HP All-in-One printer Drivers from 123 hp com setup and follow few steps to continue the downloading process.

HP Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup is one of the most convenient utilities for the users. Printer can be set up wirelessly and installation of hp printer driver and software becomes quick.

HP USB Setup

USB Cable is used for this setup where it is attached to the printer and after that default device drivers will be installed by it automatically.

HP Mobile Printing

Now Users can print from anywhere through Mobile Printing. Enjoy the mobility features on HP Printers like ePrint, Mopria, Cloud Print and AirPrint.

HP Troubleshooting

With the span of time, devices usually wear and so can your HP Printer may face some issues. For resolving issues regarding any error or anything else, contact our experts. 

Get Started for HP Printer Setup – 123 HP Com Setup

123 hp Printer Setup

On buying the new hp printer and after unboxing it, follow certain instructions for First Time

  • First, unpack the packing material for unboxing the printer.
  • After that, connect the power cable, given with it, to the printer and power source to build a power connection.
  • Turn on the HP Printer and proceed ahead.
  • Place the papers in the tray for printing.
  • The install the ink cartridges on respective slots.

Tips: there is a color tape on each ink cartridges slot for inserting the cartridge correctly. Take neat papers collectively and arrange them properly without any curls or wrinkles.

HP Printer Driver Download and Install 

Follow the given instructions for hp printer software setup. This involves downloading 123 hp printer driver. 

  • Initiate with turning on the the new HP printer and devices ( MAC or Windows)
  • Then open any web browser and type ………………… 
  • Find out the model number of your printer from HP Printer Control Panel. Get the best printer software package for your model .
  • Select the Basic software or Full featured printer driver according to your operating system. 
  • Then start downloading by clicking the Download option.
  •  After this, locate the printer software file in the Download folder.
  • At last, run the software file on your system and enjoy the printing experience. 
  • Proceed with the HP Printer driver installing instructions for MAC or Windows using onscreen instructions.

123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

Devices with Wi-Fi compatibility now can be connected through 123 hp printer wireless setup. Steps for initiating the Wi-Fi Direct facility:

  • First open the HP Printer control Panel.
  • Click the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • For activating the Wi-Fi on your HP wireless printer, go to settings option. 
  • The wizard of wireless setup makes you connect wireless-capable devices.
  • Before confirming any setting, check the internet connection. 

Note: if the device has USB connection, still try to use Wi-Fi Direct method.

  • Now open the HP Printer software which was downloaded form earlier.
  • Open the Device Setup Software via Tools Option.
  • Then select the option Connect a new device.
  • Click the Wireless option to connect the wireless-capable devices. 
  • At this point, the wireless setup for hp printer is completed.
  • The printer also supports wireless setup wizard, hp auto wireless connect, WPS Setup and USB Printer Wireless Setup.

123 HP Mobile Printing

AirPrint Setup

  • You must have an internet connection for your Apple devices and you can find the steps for 123 hp printer AirPrint setup from here. 
  • Any version of MAC OS can be used for printing through hp mobile printing solution. To make further changes please refer ……………

ePrint Setup

  • Take print outs from anywhere through ePrint Setup. Ensure the proper connection between your printer and computer and get the access to your printer using the ePrint service. 
  • Compose an email and send it to the eprint address of the printer and your printer will print the content automatically.

Cloud Print Setup

  • Cloud print Setup can be used in any corner of the world and files can be accessed easily through Google Cloud Print. For this, you are required to know your printer mail address. 
  • After above step, sign in to the Google Account on your device and take the printouts form Android Devices and Chromebook. 
  • Note : please ensure the continuity of the internet connection throughout the entire process

Get Started for USB Setup

123 hp com USB Setup

The USB Setup is an advanced featured setup. It uses high security features too. Connect both MAC and Windows to the network using this method and for more easy steps refer

For Windows:

  • First all you need to do is just turn on the printer and take the USB cable of 3m length and attach to the devices to connect the printer and computer. 
  • Then, go to the Devices Option in Windows menu for 123 hp printer installation for windows. 
  • And then select the Devices and Printers option.
  • To remove the existing printer, choose the Remove Device option.
  • In the end, install the driver and complete 123 hp printer USB setup.
  • Choose the Full featured driver while selecting the driver.
  • And it is available in ………………


  • For initiating the process, you need to have the USB cable handy and then turn on the printer.
  • You can further go ahead with the hp driver installation. 
  • For downloading the driver, you can either use HP Easy Setup Software or Apple Software Update.
  • Locate the Download option under the Driver-Product Installation Software.
  • Go to the HP Easy Start File and select the connection type as USB while installing the software. 
  • And now add your hp Printer to the network. Steps are available in

123 HP Printer Problem Fix

When you face any issue in relation to the printer, first find out the reason of the issue. It can be hardware or software issue. Below are the steps for troubleshooting. 

  • First of all, restart the printer and computer to refresh the devices. 
  • Then, make sure that devices are connected and then reset the connection system.
  • Remove the printers power button by switching off the printer. 
  • Leave the printer for few minutes and it will automatically fix the issues. 
  • Connect your cables properly.
  • Replace the cable if there is any defect in it.
  • And complete the wireless printer setup or wifi printer setup.
  • For more information, refer 123 hp setup

Troubleshoot the printer when poor quality is delivered by the printer

  • Always use original hp ink cartridges for best print quality.
  • Check the authenticity of the cartridge on anti – counterfeit webpage.
  • Then modify the settings according to the paper size. 
  • Fill up the ink or replace it whenever the ink material goes down. 
  • For verifying the authenticity use the steps given in